The FinCEN Report Company

The FinCEN Report Company

The FinCEN Report Company was founded by corporate lawyers and experienced technology company executives to help companies file beneficial ownership reports with FinCEN, the U.S. Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

The FinCEN Report Company is backed by investors that include senior partners at major U.S. law firms. The FinCEN Report Company is preparing the first-to-market secure data storage and collaboration solution for the Corporate Transparency Act.

FinCEN Report Company / Beneficial Ownership Reports

The FinCEN Report Company believes that the adoption of the Corporate Transparency Act will strain the abilities of law firms and reporting companies to comply. Private companies in the U.S. have traditionally not reported beneficial ownership information to government agencies. Similarly, for most private companies, compliance routines are periodic, such as annual tax returns, monthly employee withholding routines, and the like.

The Corporate Transparency Act will require reporting companies to think about compliance on a 24/7 basis. This new law will not only require an initial report that includes private information about the company's initial founders and beneficial owners, but it will also require updates within 30 days after any item of report information changes.

The FinCEN Report Company's Compliance Hub will allow companies and their attorneys to create free accounts for their individual data and then collaborate securely to prepare beneficial ownership reports. Each reporting company will pay a subscription fee at the time it files its initial beneficial ownership report. That annual subscription fee will cover the initial report and any subsequent amendments the company may make in the following year.

The FinCEN Report Company's Compliance Hub will assist reporting companies in managing these new compliance obligations.

FinCEN Report Company / News About FinCEN

The FinCEN Report Company also acts as a source of news about FinCEN itself. Governmental efforts to fight money laundering and illicit money flows are become more important as the world becomes more integrated. Crypto currency, decentralized financing and other trends will challenge traditional view of financial regulation.

The FinCEN Report Company will track new legislation and regulatory efforts involving FinCEN and financial technologies for lawyers, entrepreneurs and interested companies.

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