Podcast Episode 6: Sarah Beth Felix

Sarah Beth Felix, Founder and CEO of Palmera Consulting, talks about Anti-Money Laundering compliance and the Corporate Transparency Act on Episode 6 of the FinCEN Report Podcast.

Sarah Beth Felix is an AML compliance expert and the Founder and CEO of Palmera Consulting.

Sarah Beth consults with banks and other financial organizations about anti-money laundering compliance. With more than 20 years of experience, Sarah Beth is recognized in the compliance industry for her ability to navigate and operationalize global AML/CTF regulations to custom fit various environments and risk profiles. In remediation and software validation roles, she envisions and implements technological changes to maximize efficiency throughout an institution's compliance regime. She is considered an expert in distilling FATF, Wolfsberg, EBA, and FinCEN guidance into actionable and effective risk-based programs.

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